School Based Support Team

“We rise by lifting others”


The SBST’s mission is to provide optimal support to its staff, assistants and learners in the interests of good teaching and learning. Our core focus is interactive strategies that will provide dynamic teaching. We aim to provide a structured support system for learners and teachers when students are experiencing difficulties. The SBST will drive an initiative that will skill learners and create opportunities for them to be successful in the classroom and out in the world. We will be the helping hands that puts HMA on the top for creating a nurturing and inspiring institute of learning.

  • Change is only possible through Collaboration.
  • We aim to work together with the teachers, as we strive towards inspiring positive change.
  • We ask that you feel welcome in approaching us with any concerns that you are experiencing within the teaching and learning process.
  • This will include challenges with children, learning barriers or

social barriers.


Please be assured that all confidential information shared with the SBST will be used with discretion and the integrity of learners will be upheld.

Committee members:

  • Shazia Abba (Chairman)
  • Apa Farzana (Vice – Chairman)
  • Naseeha Haffajee (Vice-Chairman)
  • Fatima Mayet Leyya Dawjee Humsheera Kolia Aameena Vawda
  • “Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant”
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