Important Points at HMA

School starts promptly at 7.20am all learners are to report directly to line up, where uniform checks take place.

Dismissal times are as follows: Grade R: 1.45 pm, Grade 1 – 3: 2.45pm , Grade 4 – 6: 3.15pm & 4.15pm on Tuesdays. Fridays school is dismissed at 11.45 am for all grades.

No parents are allowed on the school premises without an appointment. Appointments must be made through the o ce if you wish to meet with a par cular educator.

Channel of communication: if you have a problem regarding your child etc, your rst point of contact is your child’s class teacher, if the ma er is not sorted out, then ONLY will you be able to meet with the HOD & if for some reason the problem s ll persists an appointment will be made with the Principal in order to gain resolution.

Drop o zones: learners can be dropped o from Houghton Drive or Masjidul Furqaan entrance. Kindly ensure that the drop o ’s and pick up’s are quick to avoid conges on. If you are coming up to the school, use the parking bays and don’t obstruct other vehicles. There will be no stopping at the Houghton Drive entrance, use the 2nd Ave entrance if you wish to meet with a sta member.

Contact details: please ensure that all your details are updated, chat to your class teacher about changes.

Sport/PE: Alhamdulillah we have signed up with Active Education, they will be tasked with carrying out our sports curriculum this year. Active education on has extensive experience with mainly private schools and is endorsed by SuperSport.

Stationery: Please ensure that your child has their required sta onery from the rst day of school. Packs should have already been purchased by now from Raadiya Asvat. Her details are as follows: or 084 589 6771.

Forgoten items: Kindly ensure that your child has everything they need before they arrive at school. Please note that an office representative will not call you if your child, has forgoten their projects, books, lunch, Juzdaans etc, responsibility is something we wish to instil in students from a young age.

Dress code: kindly ensure that you are appropriately dressed at all mes as we share premises with a Masjid.

Code of Conduct: Kindly familiarize yourself with the code of conduct.

Toys /cell phones: These items are not allowed @ school and will be con scated if found.

2018 extra mural activities : Karate, Speech & Drama, Gymnas cs, Robo cs, Archery, kiddies chef.


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