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Camp Day @ HMA

Our 00s enjoyed various activities outside for our ‘let’s go camping’ theme. . From obstacle courses to pitching a tent and being treated to marshmallows. . All aspects of camping were covered.

Excursion Pics

Excursion to delta park where our kids did a nature walk as well as visited the environmental Centre where they learnt about conservation

Building Project HMAcademy

Alhamdulillah Phase 1 (of 4) of the construction is at an advanced stage and is scheduled for completion during November 2015. In order to avoid undue delays and complete the project to a standard, we as a community can be proud of, we humbly appeal to you for your Lillah contributions. Planning for phase two […]

Schedule of Fees & Deposits 2016

Schedule of fees 2016 2016 Toddler 000 00 R 1 2 3 4 Monthly 1,670 2,050 2.050 2,270 2,550 2,550 2,550 2,750 Annual 16,700 20,500 20,500 22,700 25,500 25,500 25,500 27,500 Notes: –  Monthly fee is payable over 10 months (January 2016 to October 2016) –  A 5% discount is offered if fees are paid […]


Alhamdullilah, our Speech Competition went off well. We say Maasha Allah to our winners and to all participants. The final positions in the respective Grades were as follows: Grade R Muhammed Zayd Moosa Rishaad Essop Fatima Zahra Jooma Grade 1 Ahmad Patel Rauhah Choonara Nurayn Laher Grade 2 Sanaa Shaik Mohammed Yusuf Mayet Hamzah Vawda Grade […]

HMA PTA NEWSLETTER – August 2015 Term 3

HMA PTA NEWSLETTER – August 2015 Term 3 Assalaamu Alaikum The PTA would like to welcome all learners and parents back to school for TERM 3. Thus far our teachers and learners have been hard at work preparing for external exams, as well as the upcoming Jalsa. We wish all our learners well over this […]