2018 Prefects

Pictures from our prefect induction ceremony held on Monday. The 2018 prefects from Grade 6 and Monitors from Grade 5 were selected. Thereafter a special tea party was held with the Principal in their honor.

Important Points at HMA

School starts promptly at 7.20am all learners are to report directly to line up, where uniform checks take place.

Dismissal times are as follows: Grade R: 1.45 pm, Grade 1 – 3: 2.45pm , Grade 4 – 6: 3.15pm & 4.15pm on Tuesdays. Fridays school is dismissed at 11.45 am for all grades.

No parents are allowed on the school premises without an appointment. Appointments must be made through the o ce if you wish to meet with a par cular educator.

Channel of communication: if you have a problem regarding your child etc, your rst point of contact is your child’s class teacher, if the ma er is not sorted out, then ONLY will you be able to meet with the HOD & if for some reason the problem s ll persists an appointment will be made with the Principal in order to gain resolution.

Drop o zones: learners can be dropped o from Houghton Drive or Masjidul Furqaan entrance. Kindly ensure that the drop o ’s and pick up’s are quick to avoid conges on. If you are coming up to the school, use the parking bays and don’t obstruct other vehicles. There will be no stopping at the Houghton Drive entrance, use the 2nd Ave entrance if you wish to meet with a sta member.

Contact details: please ensure that all your details are updated, chat to your class teacher about changes.

Sport/PE: Alhamdulillah we have signed up with Active Education, they will be tasked with carrying out our sports curriculum this year. Active education on has extensive experience with mainly private schools and is endorsed by SuperSport.

Stationery: Please ensure that your child has their required sta onery from the rst day of school. Packs should have already been purchased by now from Raadiya Asvat. Her details are as follows: Raadsasvat@gmail.com or 084 589 6771.

Forgoten items: Kindly ensure that your child has everything they need before they arrive at school. Please note that an office representative will not call you if your child, has forgoten their projects, books, lunch, Juzdaans etc, responsibility is something we wish to instil in students from a young age.

Dress code: kindly ensure that you are appropriately dressed at all mes as we share premises with a Masjid.

Code of Conduct: Kindly familiarize yourself with the code of conduct.

Toys /cell phones: These items are not allowed @ school and will be con scated if found.

2018 extra mural activities : Karate, Speech & Drama, Gymnas cs, Robo cs, Archery, kiddies chef.


Appointment: Ahmed Gora Ebrahim

15th January 2018

Respected Parents


Appointment: Ahmed Gora Ebrahim

The Board of Governors is extremely pleased to advise parents of the appointment of
Mr Ahmed Gora Ebrahim as Principal of the Houghton Muslim Academy with immediate effect. Mr Ebrahim is an astute leader with a wealth of experience within the Education discipline and we are most fortunate to have secured a leader of his caliber.

We further take this opportunity of welcoming Mr Ebrahim to the Academy and trust that under his leadership, HMA’s vision of being a world class institution will be significantly accelerated.

Y Bham

Board of Governors


Building Project HMAcademy


Alhamdulillah Phase 1 (of 4) of the construction is at an advanced stage and is scheduled for completion during November 2015.
In order to avoid undue delays and complete the project to a standard, we as a community can be proud of, we humbly appeal to you for your Lillah contributions.
Planning for phase two is also underway and we require funds to commit towards construction going forward.
You support and investment in this community project that ensures the ongoing financial well being of the Masjid and Madressah complex will benefit in this world and the next.
In addition, our community is growing and this Academy will benefit future generations by providing a superior standard of learning that compares with more established private schools of other faiths that we are dependent on.
May Allah reward you and you families for your generous support.
Houghton Muslim Association Building account
Account No: 622013194725
Branch Code: 252505
Ref: Name of Donor


Schedule of Fees & Deposits 2016

  1. Schedule of fees 2016





























  • –  Monthly fee is payable over 10 months (January 2016 to October 2016)
  • –  A 5% discount is offered if fees are paid in full by 31 January 2016.
  • –  The 2016 fees for Grade 1 to 4 include the technology levy that was billed separately in2015

Schedule of Deposits 2016










New Deposit









Top-Up Deposit










  • –  New deposits and top up deposits need to be paid by 31 August 2015
  • –  Space in the respective grade in 2016 is only guaranteed once this signed form hasbeen returned and the deposit (new and top up) has been paid by 31 August 2015

Bank Details:

Houghton Muslim Academy
Branch: 252505
Account: 62315538845
Ref: learners full name & surname

School Times:


Monday – Thursday


Pre – School

9am – 12pm


Foundation Phase – Gr R

7.30am -1.40pm

7.30am – 11.50am

Foundation Phase – Gr 1 – 3

7.30am – 2.40pm

7.30am -11.50am

Intermediate Phase – Gr 4


7.30am -11.50am

Note: For new applicants, please provide hard copies of all supporting documentation as per enrolment document by Monday 31 August 2015 to the school admin office.

2016 Admission Acceptance Form


  • Alhamdullilah, our Speech Competition went off well. We say Maasha Allah to our winners and to all participants. The final positions in the respective Grades were as follows:

    Grade R

    1. Muhammed Zayd Moosa
    2. Rishaad Essop
    3. Fatima Zahra Jooma

    Grade 1

    1. Ahmad Patel
    2. Rauhah Choonara
    3. Nurayn Laher

    Grade 2

    1. Sanaa Shaik
    2. Mohammed Yusuf Mayet
    3. Hamzah Vawda

    Grade 3

    1. Muhammad Patel
    2. Aamira Yousuf
    3. Tameeha Ahmed

    Grade RA

    Sahla Loonat

    Fatima Zahra Moosa

    Diyaanah Asvat A

    hmed Mahomedy

    Grade RB

    Fatima Zahra

    Jooma Muhammed

    Zayd Moosa

    Zahreen Loonat

    Rishaad Essop

    Grade 1A

    Nurayn Laher

    Rauhah Choonara

    Zaid Bham

    Nabiha Sharfuddin

    Grade 1B

    Zahraa Abba

    Liyana Yussuf

    Sofiyah Baroochi

    Ahmad Patel

    Grade 2A

    Hamzah Vawda

    Sanaa Shaik

    Zuleikha Asif

    Rumaysa Seedat

    Grade 2B

    Madeeha Ebrahim

    Muhammed Zia

    Latib Mohammed

    Yusuf Mayet

    Mariam Muhammed

    Grade 3

    Tameeha Ahmed

    Yasmeen Bodhanya

    Muhammad Gani

    Juwayriya Sayanvala

    Muhammed Yusuf Moosa

    Rumaysa Muhammad

    Muhammad Patel

    Mohammed Anas Sallie

    Aamira Yousuf

    Congratulations to all the winners!!

HMA PTA NEWSLETTER – August 2015 Term 3

HMA PTA NEWSLETTER – August 2015 Term 3

Assalaamu Alaikum

The PTA would like to welcome all learners and parents back to school for TERM 3.
Thus far our teachers and learners have been hard at work preparing for external exams, as well as

the upcoming Jalsa. We wish all our learners well over this exciting term.

It has been a steady start for the PTA since inception, but Alhamdulillah, we are now firmly established and are moving forward in our role.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the PTA have been working on a number of exciting activities that we would like parents to be involved in. Below are the dates and information regarding some of the activities for Term 3. Parents, please take note of the dates and the requirements.

HMA Bake Sale Fundraiser

HMA mums… time to put your baking talents to the test and help make our first HMA fundraising event a success…
HMA PTA would like to invite all mums to participate in our 1st ever HMA Bake Sale Fundraiser. Please invite your friends and family to spend some time and money with HMA …all Insha’Allah for the benefit of our school and our children.

Parents Info:

  • Every class from each grade (toddler to gr. 3) will be allocated a table on the day.
  • Each child in every class will be asked to kindly donate a minimum of 1 cake or 6 cupcakes or

    12 biscuits for the event. Please remember your generosity in this cause will be highly

    appreciated and you are welcome to donate as many baking treats as you wish to the sale.

  • Available mums from their respective classes will be required to assist with the class table on

    the day. Mums are encouraged to be creative with their class table and are welcome to include themes, dress up, as well as sell condiments to the baking treats, such as teas, coffees, etc.

  • All money raised from the sale to be counted and handed over to the school on the day. The class or table that raises the most money from the cake sale will be awarded a special prize on

    behalf of HMA.

    Mums from their respective classes are required to please appoint 2 representatives for your class. The PTA will liaise with the chosen representatives to ensure that all the requirements are met on the day and the sale is a success.

    Please choose your representatives as soon as possible. We will be having our first meeting on 20th August at 9.30 am. Upstairs Mosque area.

  • Please be advised that all learners will have the opportunity to join our bake sale.
    Remember to send your little ones to school on the day with some money as they will be out shopping for their favourite cookie or cupcake too.

    We look forward to working with you amazing mums once again.

    Market Day (Foundation Phase only)

    Parents please be advised that with your help the PTA will now be assisting the school with Friday Market Day.
    On the following Fridays this term, parents, along with PTA members will be responsible for deciding on items to be sold as well as selling to the learners.

    –  14 August

    –  18 September
    Parents please email us if you would like to assist. We also welcome any ideas you may wish to share.

    This Friday 14th August we will be selling CORN in A CUP @ R7.

    Book Drive Update (TODDLER CLASS TO GRADE 3)

    We would like to convey our sincere thanks to all parents and learners for their contribution to the book drive last term.
    We are pleased to advise that we collected R6320 in cash and approx 150 books.
    Please note that the BOG has also allocated one of the available classrooms from the new section to the school as a library and computer room for 2016.

    The PTA along with your help are striving to make the library project a success. We therefore encourage your continued donations of money and books towards the project.


    We thank all parents who have emailed us and will be contacting you shortly to assist.
    Those who have already assisted, once again we thank you for your time and effort.
    Parents who would like to be added to the volunteer list, please send us an email with your contact details. Kindly include your child’s name and grade as well.

    Upcoming events

    –  Heritage day Braai

    –  Teach a skill day

    –  Jalsa assistance

    Dates and information to follow.
    Please email us on pta@hmacademy.co.za.