The HMA School Rules

  1. Follow instructions
  2. Keep your hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself
  3. Listen when someone speaks
  4. Look after all property
  5. Behave appropriately

On the Playground

I will:

  •  Avoid rough or dangerous games.
  • Avoid fighting.
  •  Refrain from using unacceptable language.
  • Move aside to allow an adult to pass.
  • Include other children in my games.
  • Consider other children and not disrupt their games.
  • Move quickly to class when the bell rings
  • Get up and greet all adults who walk pass
  •  Offer assistance to adults.

General Manners

I will:

  •  Arrive on time for school
  • Say ‘please ‘ and ‘jazakallah’
  • Greet all adults at all times
  •  Refrain from throwing any objects on the playground or in the classrooms
  •  Not use unacceptable language
  •  Not deface any desks or school property
  • Not remove or tamper with anything that does not belong to me
  •  Refrain from any form of challenge of an educator’s authority whatsoever
  •  Speak to the educator personally at an appropriate time after the lesson if I have a problem
  •  Use the toilets properly and leave them clean.

Responsibilities of Parents Regarding the Code of Conduct


The ultimate responsibility for learners’ behaviour rests with their parents or guardians. It is expected that parents will:

  • support the school, and require learners to observe all school rules and regulations and accept responsibility for any misbehaviour on their part; and
  • take an active interest in their children’s schoolwork and make it possible for the children to complete assigned homework.
  •  Not disrupt my child’s teacher during teaching time.
    Parents have the responsibility towards their children to display a positive attitude towards the school, educators and rules and to encourage their children to do the same.

School Wear and General Appearance

Learners should be neatly dressed in their school uniforms daily, unless otherwise determined by the Principal.


  • All learners are allowed to wear a wristwatch.
  • Nose rings, tongue rings, etc are prohibited for boys and girls. Girls may only wear stud type earrings.
  • Boys may not wear earrings

Learners nails

  • Nails of both boys and girls must be short and well cared for.
  • Polished nails are not allowed.

Learner’s hair

  • Girl’s hair must be covered with the official school burka.
  • Boys must wear the official white school topi. Boy’s hair must be short, around theears, above the collar and evenly cut.
  • Highlights and coloured hair are not allowed.
  • Hair bands must be as close as possible to the hair colour.

At School

I will:

    • not run or play on the corridors
    • not make a noise on the corridors during the changing of classes
    • not tamper with safety equipment
    • not leave the school ground or classroom during school hours without the permission of the principal or educator.
    • Not bring pets or toys or valuables to school
    • Not be guilty of any form of rowdiness or loud behaviour
    • Not make myself guilty of bullying
    • Report any accidental breakages to the office immediately .
    •  Not rollerblade or skateboard or ride my bicycle on school premises
    • As a boy my hair will be neat, clean, short (one length, above the collar and around the ears) and in an appropriate style suitable for primary school pupils. I will wear the official school topi at ALL times whilst at school, unless otherwise indicated.
    • Keep my nails short, clean and free from nail varnish/polish
    • As a girl my hair will be covered with the official school burqa
    •  Not colour or dye my hair

School Attendance

All learners MUST be in class by 7h20 daily.

Early Departure from School

a)    No learner may leave the school premises without permission from the office during school hours.

b) Holiday leave will not be granted

c) The school prefers that appointments to e.g. doctors, dentists, etc be made after school hours or over the holidays.

d) A learner who needs leave during school hours must supply the office with a letter from the parent requesting permission for leave.

e) A learner who falls sick during school hours must report to the class teacher, who will contact the parent. Any parent collecting their child early must report to Admin to collect their child and a permission slip.

During Sporting Activities

I will:

  • Dress appropriately and neatly as prescribed
  • Display sportsmanship whether winning or losing
  • Respect the umpire’s / referee’s / educator’s decisions
  • Thank the umpire /referee / educator and opponents at the end of the match / practice
  •  Listen to instructions
  • Sit quietly while being transported
  • Thank the driver and coach
  •  Assist the educator in accounting for all the equipment and packing it away neatly